Artificial Grass Kitchener

A beautiful and lush lawn takes regular upkeep. Mowing, aerating, fertilizing, seeding, weed control and pest management all require time and energy. Artificial turf essentially eliminates these labor-intensive tasks, making it a no-hassle landscaping option.

Many Artificial Grass Kitchener are opting to install synthetic grass in their landscapes due to the convenience, water conservation, and cost savings. While there are benefits, it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons against your climate, maintenance preferences, and sustainability goals before choosing this alternative. Quality installation and materials are paramount to achieving the desired results.

A Complete Guide to Artificial Grass Installation in Kitchener

Synthetic turf is most often used in sports arenas, but it’s becoming increasingly popular for residential use as well. High-quality third generation turf mimics natural grass very convincingly in terms of appearance, but it still has a different feel underfoot than real grass. This difference in texture and response can cause wear on the knees, ankles, back, and feet of players if they play for long periods of time.

Synthetic grass doesn’t absorb water, so rainfall drains vertically through the system and out into the surrounding soil. This can lead to runoff and pooling problems if the sub-base and grading are not properly prepared and executed. It also restricts access to soil-dwelling creatures and organic material like leaf litter and grass clippings that provide essential nutrients. These are factors that can be avoided with proper planning and execution. For these reasons, artificial turf is harmful to the environment in ways that natural grass growth and leaf clipping breakdown aren’t.

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